The Collins Call

Prayer Requests- Feb. 2014

February 12, 2014
We wanted to ask you for prayer for our twin daughters, Alicia and Ashley. Last week, they were involved in a bad car accident as they were hit by another vehicle while driving home.
Their vehicle has been totaled. Ashley had seen a doctor just the day of the accident for a bulged disc in her lower back and the accident has really added to
the problem. Please would you join with us in prayer for Ashley – she is in a lot of pain as a result and is not able to go to work, etc. Please pray for favor as the
the girls are now without a reliable car in the winter months while the insurance companies try to settle this whole thing. 
Thank you so much!

Prayer Requests- October 2013

October 10, 2013
We want to thank you for your prayers on our behalf..... your prayers mean so very much to us!
We have really gotten into our itineration year and have already had over 30 services and meetings- that means a lot of travel. Please pray for safety as we travel ...sometimes all day long. Please also pray for good health and strength for us.

Pray for the funds to be raised for our projects: * Evangelistic Outreaches to be held throughout Rwanda * Children's Ministry Center- multipurpose building * Children's church Tabernacles to be built in the rural areas of Rwanda to give children a place to worship.

God bless you and again thank you!                                                      

Prayer Requests- July 2013

July 1, 2013
It is so wonderful to be home again! We began our year with a great visit with our three kids, Alicia, Ashley and Patrick IV. they are all living, going to school, and working in MO. We plan to live in VA so that we can concentrate on our itineration and on scheduling services during the year.
*Pray with us that the Lord would provide new supporters and increased support so that we can return to Rwanda and continue with the work.
*Pray for safety as we will be traveling lots during the year, for safety, and for the Lord's guidance.
*Pray that hearts would be open to the calling and leading of the Holy Spirit. That the Lord would call new workers into the harvest fields of Africa.
*Pray for favor during the year as we raise funds for three ministry projects (see our furlough page for more details)
Thanks for praying! God bless you!

Prayer Requests- March 2013

March 29, 2013
Thank you so much for standing with us in prayer- we appreciate your prayers so much!

*Pray for our upcoming furlough- our last furlough was in 2008 and we are again looking forward to coming back to the States and beginning our itineration. We would love to come and share with you about the exciting things that have been and continue to happen here in Rwanda. Please contact by e-mail to set up a service or a short meeting.
* Patrick is already booking services- pray for wisdom and the Lord's favor as we call on churches and Pastors to get involved in the work here among the children of Rwanda.
*Pray for our Great Generation for Jesus Children's Church- we have around 200 kids on average. We have around 200 on average. We have lost some children as their families were forced to move in order to make room for the construction of  industrial centers and office buildings in the Kigali area. At the same time we have many new comers to our children's ministry. Pray that lives will be changed as these young ones here the Good News of Jesus.
*We just began a new service just for teens. We all meet together for praise and worship and then we separate babies, the main children's church ages 6-12, and now 13 years and above go to their teen service. Pray that the Lord would use this special service to meet the needs of Rwandan teenagers.
*Pray for our Easter Services with Great Generation for Jesus. We plan to hold a Communion service with our teens!
*Next month marks the commemoration here in Rwanda of the Genocide. It is a very sad time as we remember Rwanda's sad past and also look for ways to continue to move forward. The Lord is the great healer! Pray with us that He will heal many hearts that are still hurting. Pray that we may encourage our Rwandan friends and just show them God's love.
*Thanks for your prayers for us, we are tired and healing up from recent illnesses and surgery and look forward to seeing our children again stateside as well as family. We will be helping our daughters- Alicia and Ashley to move into a better apartment. Can't wait to see Alicia, Ashley, and Patrick IV!
God bless you and thank you!
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