We are happy to report that Patrick has undergone knee surgery in Bangkok and that it was a complete success! Patrick had injured his knee during a bad fall in Sept. and sustained ligament and muscle damage. We traveled to Thailand and stayed at the Bumrungrad International Hospital in Bangkok. Our Thai surgeon was amazing and performed an Arthroscopic Menisectomy as well as Medial Collateral Ligaments (MCL) repair. Patrick has quite a large incision across the inside of his knee but all is healing well. He will wear a restrictive knee brace and use crutches for a total of six weeks and then we hope to get some therapy to get the knee moving before we leave for the States. Thank you to so many of you for praying and sending encouraging e-mails our way- we appreciate you so much! Please continue to pray for Patrick’s complete healing and the patience to limit the use of his knee for a few more weeks.