Patrick and Jeanne are in the final stages of moving homes to the National Bible School compound. It’s been quite a process with some renovations having to be done before we could make the move. Moving is never easy and can become quite a task but there are many good reasons for the move.

Living in A/G housing will allow us to keep this house even when we leave the country for our furlough in 2013. Renting elsewhere always involves packing up and storing all of our belongings and then finding a new house to rent after we return to the field. Also we are now living on the same piece of land as the National Bible School so we get even more interaction with our National Pastors and teachers. The area around the Bible School has a rural feel to it and it is more quiet being outside of the capital city of Kigali, so that is also a plus.

Unfortunately there are always a few negatives…. The water and electric are not well established outside of Kigali, so they are not dependable. We have been working hard to build relationships with the electric and water officials in order to help the situation on the property.

Please pray with us that we will be able to secure more dependable water and electric for our home so that we can function better here in Rwanda. Thanks for keeping us in your prayers!

We’ve added a photo of our home.