We will be stateside from summer 2013 to summer 2014. We will be traveling most all of that time to update our supporting churches, sharing about the ministry in services, coffee meetings, ministry windows, and just about any mean possible in order to get the word out about the amazing things that the Lord is doing among the children of Rwanda.
In order to return to Rwanda, we need extra monthly support- about $ 3000. We also have three projects that we will be focusing on when we return- 1. Evangelistic Outreaches for children to be held throughout Rwanda. Project # 4616 We will be holding these in cooperation with the National church and our children's ministry directors. We are praying that many thousands of Rwandese children will hear the gospel message and respond in giving their hearts and lives to Jesus.
2. Children's Ministry Center & School: We have approval to build a multi-purpose building on National church property in the capital city of Rwanda. Project # 15039 is an Assemblies of God project and all funds raise for it will go straight into the building of this structure. It would house our children's church, Sunday school classrooms, a weekday nursery school, computer lab, and offices for children's ministry in Rwanda.
3. Children's church Tabernacles: Project # 4616 We plan to construct tabernacles just like we have done in Kenya. this consists of a metal roof on poles which will give children a place to worship. The National church will partner with us to fill in the walls.
All of these projects are so important and needful in Rwanda. We feel that after five years of ministry work in Rwanda, that we are at the right place for these projects to begin.
Please pray with us for a great year of furlough, for services to be booked, for hearts to be open, and for the funds to be raised for these projects.  With the Lord's direction all of this is possible!
To find out how you can give to these projects, please see our home page giving information and when you give, just mark your gift with the project that you wish to give to and the project number.