We are reaching our to the children of Rwanda by holding district-wide outreaches throughout the country and by training the Rwandan Pastors and teachers how to duplicate what we are doing. Our first of these district-wide outreaches took place on December 12 & 13 in the capital city of Kigali. We were so thrilled to have our newly-elected National Director for children’s ministry with us along with all eight of our district directors. These are Rwandan men and women who we are mentoring and who came out to learn how to hold a children’s crusade.

Each day, we had an exciting and fast paced two hour program complete with guest children’s choirs, a three-year old from our children’s church reciting Psalm 23, puppet songs, youth dramas, exciting object lessons, preaching, and altar call.

By the end of the two day outreach, we had 270 children pray with us to receive Jesus into their hearts and lives, they then went through our counseling time to confirm their decision, and lastly, they were given children’s gospel tracts and evangelism material in their own language to take home to their families. All of the counseling was done by our district Pastors and teachers, who were trained prior to the event.

The biggest miracle was the absence of rain during the entire event from set up to clean up!

This was the first of many such crusades throughout the country. Everyone was excited, eager for the next one, and now ready to make their district crusade the best in the country! We can’t wait to see what happens next! Thanks to so many of our supporters who were praying for us and for this crusade to be successful.